The Solar Foundation has partnered with EnergySage to help consumers go solar!

EnergySage LogoEnergySage connects consumers with multiple solar energy quotes and financing options from multiple contractors through an easy-to-read web platform. These options enable consumers to choose the right solar option for them.

Go Solar with EnergySage

How does solar energy work?

Solar energy systems create electricity by converting sunlight into usable electric currents. Depending on system size, energy production can replace either part or all of a consumer’s energy needs. This reduces a consumer’s energy bill and can contribute to a cleaner environment and future.

Why go solar now?

Going solar has never been more affordable or easier. Solar energy is competitively priced compared to other energy sources and does not have the hidden environmental costs associated with fossil fuels. EnergySage has created a platform that takes the confusion out of going solar. By connecting consumers to an online marketplace, EnergySage makes it easier for them to get multiple quotes and better understand their options for installing solar energy.

Get ready for the solar future.

The solar future is here today. Solar technology is an investment that will save consumers and communities money, increase property values, and create local jobs. Get involved now and see how EnergySage can empower consumers to find the solar energy system that is right for them.

Go Solar with EnergySage