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The Solar Foundation’s solar employment research serves a critical role in understanding the impact of solar energy development in the United States. Annual updates to the figures in the reports below capture a snapshot of the rapidly growing workforce.

State Solar Jobs Census

The research behind these state reports was performed using the same survey-based methods developed for TSF’s award-winning National Solar Jobs Census series. The Census 2015 effort culminated with fourteen unique state solar jobs reports. Much like the original three reports released in 2014, these latest reports contain granular solar employment information at the state and federal legislative district level. Read the full reports, released February 2016, for detailed information on each state or read the State Solar Jobs Compendium report for an overview of all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the nine U.S. regions.

Read the State Census

Solar Jobs Map

TSF’s revised Solar Jobs Map provides employment figures and policy information for a multitude of U.S. geographies, including: states, regions, counties, Federal and legislative districts, and Metropolitan Statistical Areas. This new tool was designed to be an easy-to-use resource for the public and solar energy stakeholders. Each view can be shared over social media and many include demographic breakdowns and important qualitative information. Map data are derived from the same statistically rigorous survey used for the National Solar Jobs Census.

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National Solar Jobs Census 2015

First conducted in 2010, TSF’s National Solar Jobs Census uses a rigorous, dual methodology to derive total solar employment figures, as well as important insights as reported by the thousands of employers who participate in data collection. As of November 2015, the solar industry employs over 208,000 solar workers. Explore the detailed sector information and reports from previous years.

Read the National Census

Veterans in Solar

In 2014, The Solar Foundation and Operation Free released a joint report on veterans working in the American solar industry. The report, Veterans in Solar: Securing America’s Energy Future, highlights the contributions of veterans to the solar industry, using data derived from the National Solar Jobs Census 2013. The first-of-its-kind report shows that veterans are employed within the solar industry at higher-than-average rates, and are expected to grow with the overall workforce.

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