Andrew Light is a Program Manager at The Solar Foundation, focusing on the SolSmart program which helps local governments make it faster, easier, and more affordable to go solar. Previously, he worked at the Graham Sustainability Institute, where he developed the nation’s first statewide renewable energy zoning database and helped Michigan communities implement equitable energy policies. Before that, he worked as an intern for both the West Michigan Environmental Action Council and the office of former Senator Carl Levin. Andrew holds a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Philosophy from Grand Valley State University.

Andrew says: “Growing up in Michigan, I had many opportunities to witness the powerful impact that state and local policy can have on the environment and those within it. The SolSmart program’s pursuit of cost and barrier reduction can give communities around the country the much-needed technical assistance to pursue strong, efficient, and equitable solar energy policies. Solar energy development is greatly benefitted by the SolSmart program at a time when solar energy is more popular than ever, and I am truly excited to play a role in moving communities forward.”