Aurora Solar is a software company that offers streamlined solar design and sales software for solar companies. Aurora is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has more than doubled its workforce over the past year as its software advances and its customer base continues to expand.

Aurora Solar specializes in software that enables residential and commercial solar installers to design and sell solar systems more accurately and efficiently. The Aurora application includes tools that allow installers to accurately calculate how many panels will fit on a given property, precisely forecast how much energy the system will produce, and evaluate how much money their clients will save.

Aurora makes all this possible without leaving the office, helping solar installation companies save time and money. Aurora has been used in over 2 million residential and commercial solar proposals around the world. Samuel Adeyemo, co-founder of Aurora Solar, says that Aurora works with several of the largest solar companies in the US, but also has thousands of clients who are employed by small solar contractors.

Aurora Solar’s rapidly expanding workforce spans software engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing. Software engineering is Aurora’s biggest department. The engineering team is broken into various domain expertise areas, including: general web development; scientific computation, CAD graphics, computer vision, and research and development teams. Additional staff in sales, marketing, and customer success allow Aurora to offer services for all installers, including content and workshops on solar design, sales, policy and more.

While engineers make up the majority of Aurora’s workforce, the customer success team is its fastest-growing group. This team works to ensure customers understand the software and quickly get answers to any solar design questions that arise. Adeyemo notes that solar customers are becoming increasingly savvy and installation companies must provide accurate and insightful data—such as solar savings estimates under complex utility rates—to stay competitive. Aurora Solar succeeds when companies are armed with the data to win over potential solar consumers, he says.

Adeyemo says the most challenging aspect of hiring is finding candidates who have a deep interest in solar energy as well as expertise in their field. “We need to find the right intersection of those extremely talented people that are passionate about our mission to create a solar energy future for all,” Adeyemo says.

He added that when the business model relies on constant innovation, every week the bar for developing new features gets higher. “That’s another challenge we face—how do we make sure we are solving hard problems, things that matter for customers?” To address this challenge, employees at Aurora communicate and collaborate across teams as well as with their customer base regarding new updates to their product.