avery-headshot-finalAvery Palmer is Communications Director at The Solar Foundation. He is responsible for guiding communications strategy to advance the organization’s mission and contribute to the success of its programs. Prior to joining The Solar Foundation, Avery was the communications director at The Violence Policy Center, a national gun violence prevention organization. He has also worked on the communications team at The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit chaired by former Vice President Al Gore. Avery also has many years of experience as a journalist, including as an environment and energy reporter at Congressional Quarterly. Avery grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and has a Bachelor’s Degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.

Avery Says: “I studied English literature in college and developed a lifelong passion for writing, words, and communication. After college, I moved from a freezing small town in Minnesota to Washington, D.C., where I learned the ropes as a political journalist. I spent several years covering energy and environmental policy during a time when climate change was rising to the forefront as a global issue. Over time, I decided it wasn’t enough for me to simply write about the transition to clean energy; I wanted to make an active difference in helping achieve it. So I accepted an opportunity to attend the U.S. Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen and then went to work at a series of nonprofits, a path that has led me to The Solar Foundation. I’m proud to be here working to advance solar energy at such a dynamic and exciting organization.”