LilikesAvatarBrian Callaway

Occupation: M&A and Structured Finance Director
Company: sPower
Location: Salt Lake City

Brian began his career at NRG Energy in San Diego. He now works at sPower in Salt Lake City, where he works on M&A and financing for utility-scale solar projects.

“The M&A aspect of my work involves finding potential acquisitions, through relationships and networking as well as broader processes like due diligence, transaction document negotiation, and financial modeling. The structured finance piece is probably the most unique to renewables. It requires understanding what drives the various lenders/ investors and the different flavors of financing you might introduce to the project. This involves working the relationships with lenders as well as a lot of math.”

“There are a lot of different skills that come into this job, and I like to think that’s why there aren’t too many of us. It requires the bridging of a gap between hard technical math skills, somebody who likes to read and can handle dry documents/tax code, and the soft skills of being able to call people up on the phone, talk through problems, explain issues, and get everybody comfortable. For new hires, we’re less focused on degrees and more focused on really sharp people who can execute quantitative reasoning but also demonstrate really strong communication skills and a high emotional IQ.”

“When you compare what I do to a traditional finance job on Wall Street, what it boils down to is that you get to own what you build. You can go visit communities and see how the capital you’ve invested has improved their lives. It’s immensely rewarding. For me, a big selling point was the opportunity to work in finance in a socially responsible manner. It’s not just creating dollars out of thin air, it feels like creating real value for the world.”