CGIPanelThe Solar Foundation is committing to devise and implement a multi-phased outreach and engagement initiative designed to accelerate adoption among the faith community of the cost-saving and job-creating power of solar energy. The initiative seeks industry partners such as banks, project developers, and aggregators capable of providing low to no cost financing for the installations as well as partners capable of providing hands on training to interested communities. Through this commitment, The Solar Foundation in concert with the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s RainbowPUSH Coalition are offering partners tailored, educational solar materials, a connection to other solar industry members, the opportunity for strong national exposure and media events, as well as the opportunity to develop new solar markets that can make a significant in the lives of Americans.  Learn more about the commitment.


CGI America Commitment Announcement

The Solar Foundation is extremely excited to work with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition on the Solar Faith and Empowerment Initiative.  The commitment will bolster religious leaders and their congregants through cost-saving, job-creating, carbon-reducing solar power.  This unique initiatve will be scalabe in nature, with potential to shed light on the power of solar energy to congregations, parishioners and communities across the U.S.