Danae Fleming: Operations Reporting Manager at SOLV Inc., A Swinerton Company

Danae is a member of the performance team at SOLV, an operations & maintenance company headquartered in San Diego. She is responsible for creating reports on solar plant performance for clients and utilities, including site performance reports, generation forecasts, and North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) reports.

“This is my fifth year in renewables,” Danae says. “I started out as an intern for EDF Renewable Energy, where I was focused on wind. My degree was in information systems and I kind of fell into my career in renewables, but I love it. I am really enjoying working in solar now because I think there’s so much room for technological and market growth.”

Danae’s work involves both technical analysis and interaction with clients. “My current role involves developing performance reports so that our clients can understand the performance of their plants and review the data in a way that is easily digestible. One thing I really love about this role is that it gives me an opportunity to go onsite and see our projects in person. It makes a world of difference to be able to see how the plant operates and meet the people who are working there. I think our field technicians are among the smartest in the industry; they’re great to work with.”

For others seeking a career in solar, Danae is enthusiastic about the opportunities available—no matter what your experience level. “I would advise anyone who is starting off in solar to be open to whatever opportunities come their way. I went from absolutely no experience in solar to a technical role, and then to a client-facing role. One of the best things about joining the solar industry right now is that it is evolving all the time. There is so much room for growth and for the creation of new types of job roles…maybe even a role that a company didn’t have a need for last year. Don’t corner yourself. Think about how your expertise and skills can provide value to your employer in new and creative ways.”