Danny Falk is a Project Manager at The Solar Foundation. Previously, he worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he helped implement several programs related to solar and clean energy. He also has worked at Strategen Consulting, where he helped manage the United States Department of Energy’s Global Energy Storage Database; the City of San Diego’s Energy and Sustainability Division (now the Sustainability Department), and the San Diego Energy District, among other organizations. He holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of California San Diego and a Bachelor of Arts in political science and history from John Carroll University.

Danny says: “During my time at the University of California San Diego, I became engrossed in sustainability and renewable energy efforts to help combat the tribulations of climate change. This experience has propelled me to help accelerate the adoption of renewable technologies. The SolSmart program’s goals to decrease or eliminate many of the unnecessary barriers to solar energy development throughout the United States strikes me as an objectively good venture, and I am ecstatic to make a contribution.”