Elizabeth Fierro is a Communications Intern for the Solar Ready Vets program and The Solar Foundation at large. She is a senior at the University of Chicago majoring in environmental and urban studies and minoring in creative writing. In her future career, Elizabeth hopes to tell stories about the changing planet as well as the people and organizations that are working to preserve and protect it. She has previously done communications work for the University of Chicago’s Program on the Global Environment as well as environmental advocacy through organizations on campus.

Elizabeth Says: “I have been concerned about climate change and environmental degradation my entire life. As a kid, I spent an immense amount of time picking up garbage on my walk home from school, making websites about global warming with my limited HTML knowledge, and lecturing my friends about the importance of recycling and turning off the water as they brush their teeth. In high school, I decided to go vegan after learning about the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change. But it wasn’t until halfway through college that I realized I could actually dedicate my career to the environment. Suddenly, all of the time I spent worrying about the future of the planet could now be channeled productively! I believe the expansion of renewable energy is key to limiting the effects of climate change, so working with The Solar Foundation is a perfect introduction to the professional world. I know that the work I do this summer will actually make a difference for the planet, and I know that I’m making my younger self — and all of the current and future children relying on my generation to ensure their future — proud.”