LaurenBusbyLauren Busby

Occupation: Structural Engineering Manager
Company: SunLink
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Lauren started her career designing hospitals and other highly technical buildings in areas of high seismic activity. She has worked at SunLink since 2015.

“I went to grad school in engineering, but I’ve always had an environmental interest as well. I worked in building design for five years, and at that point I started looking for a way that I could use my structural engineering background and skills to do something that was more related to sustainability or renewables. And that’s where solar became a good fit. Besides the value to society, one of the biggest advantages of working in solar is that it’s such a quickly evolving, dynamic field. Not only am I learning new things all the time, but everybody in the field is too.”

“Today, more and more women are becoming engineers. I think it really helps having the different perspectives of a mixed-gender team when you’re designing anything. For women starting their careers, finding good mentors is probably the most important advice I can give. I would certainly encourage younger women to reach out to women who are further along in their career paths and learn about the steps they took to get there.”

“It’s great to be working on something that really matters to the world. My advice to anyone starting a career in engineering, or any other field, is it makes a big difference when you truly care about what you do. It really helps with job satisfaction, and it also helps you do a better job. Most of the people working in solar could be working in something else, and I think the reason a lot of smart people stay here is they truly value the work we’re doing.”