Megan Howes is a Program Specialist focused on reducing solar industry soft costs, particularly related to workforce development. She previously coordinated The Solar Foundation’s Solar Training Network initiative, which produced original industry resources and leveraged cross-functional partnerships for stronger solar career pathways. She continues to manage The Solar Foundation’s growing portfolio of workforce development programming, and supports efforts to build industry capacity as solar emerges as a mainstream part of the American energy sector. Megan comes to The Solar Foundation with a background in environmental science and public affairs. She  previously served as the constituent and legislative affairs intern at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environment from McGill University.

Megan says: “I am proud to work with such a dedicated and dynamic team, and am inspired by The Solar Foundation’s mission to make a real difference in strengthening a resilient, renewable energy economy. My role affords me the opportunity to actively support the social and economic components of sustainable development by connecting individuals with empowering solar careers, and helping communities to embrace solar energy as a catalyst for a brighter future.”