New Solar Career Platform to Connect Job Seekers, Training Providers, and Employers

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 5, 2017 — Today, the Solar Training Network launched an online solar career platform designed to match job candidates with training and career opportunities in the rapidly growing solar workforce. The platform, accessible at, will provide career resources for solar job seekers and connect solar trainers and employers to qualified applicants.

The Solar Foundation is encouraging solar companies and training providers to sign up and create profiles on this newly launched web platform. Interested parties can access the platform by creating a free account at

The Solar Training Network, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative and administered by The Solar Foundation, is helping build a strong and diverse solar workforce in a time of historic job growth. One in 50 new U.S. jobs were in the solar industry in 2016, and solar employment grew 25 percent that year, with a total of more than 260,000 solar workers in the United States, according to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016. The Census also found that four out of five solar companies reported it was difficult to find qualified workers.

“The Solar Training Network is bridging the gap between supply and demand in the U.S. solar workforce,” said Andrea Luecke, President and Executive Director at The Solar Foundation. “Solar employers will use this unique web platform to find well-trained, qualified candidates, and job seekers will gain access to training and employment opportunities.”

“This website allows trainers, students, and solar employers to connect and communicate seamlessly with one another,” said Gerald Bernstein, director of the Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy Program at City College of San Francisco. “Employment is expanding rapidly, especially in states that don’t already have a large solar workforce. Knowledge of solar training opportunities, financial aid solutions, dedicated solar career resources, and solar job openings will make solar careers obtainable for more people nationwide.”

The new platform is free to access and includes an interactive map to connect job seekers with trainers and employers where they live. It also gives training providers, employers, and workforce boards a space to highlight events, job fairs, and career openings.

For solar job seekers, the new platform will improve access to solar training, industry events, financial aid resources, and career opportunities.

For employers, this platform will make it easier to build connections with interested job applicants in their regions, allowing them to search for candidates by location, certifications, and skills.

For trainers, the platform will help expand program enrollment, help improve training curriculum, and create positive and fruitful connections with employers.

This solar career platform includes The Solar Foundation’s latest research on the solar workforce and access to a calendar of events including career fairs and training summits.

Join the network today by creating a login at


About the Solar Training Network

The Solar Training Network is a program of The Solar Foundation that is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. This program is designed to help meet the workforce needs of the solar industry through solar training and strategic employment partnerships.

Together, The Solar Foundation and its partners are developing and strengthening connections between solar trainers, job seekers, solar employers, workforce development boards, and other key industry leaders. The Solar Training Network is igniting an industry-wide discussion over the issues related to talent acquisition, solar career pathways, career management, solar training, and installation best practices as a whole.

The other partners of the program include the Solar Energy Industries Association, the American Association of Community Colleges, the National Association of Workforce Boards, the Florida Solar Energy Center International, Solar Energy International, and GRID Alternatives.

About The Solar Foundation

The Solar Foundation® is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate adoption of the world’s most abundant energy source. Through its leadership, research, and capacity building, The Solar Foundation creates transformative solutions to achieve a prosperous future in which solar technology is integrated into all aspects of our lives. The Solar Foundation is considered the premier research organization on the solar labor workforce, employer trends, and the economic impacts of solar. It has provided expert advice to leading organizations such as the National Academies, the Inter-American Development Bank, the U.S. Department of Energy, and others during a time of dynamic industry growth and policy and economic uncertainty. Visit us at

About the SunShot Initiative

The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative is a national effort to drive down the cost of solar electricity and support solar adoption. SunShot aims to make solar energy a low cost electricity source for all Americans through research and development efforts in collaboration with public and private partners. Learn more at



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