Request for Proposals — SolSmart Organizational Advisor

TSF seeks qualified organizations to take primary responsibility for designating a number of communities under SolSmart, a program that helps local governments encourage the growth of solar energy. The primary objective of this solicitation is to recruit qualified organizations to serve as SolSmart Advisors to increase the total number of under-resourced communities designated under the program. A secondary objective is to increase the total number of designated local jurisdictions, especially in states where there are few or no current designated cities and counties. Read the RFP here.

RFP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If we have two separate ideas, is it better to submit two separate applications or combine them into one?

  • A:  Please put the ideas into the same application but separate the budgets.

Q: If we don’t have all the commitment letters signed by the May 28 deadline, can we still apply for the advisor role?

  • A: Yes! If you have made a good start but do not have all the commitment letters together, please send a list of all your anticipated communities with your application and send any commitment letters collected to date.

Q: We’ve had a good number of communities designated in our area.  We’d like to apply for this and focus on under-resourced communities in our area.  Would we have a chance given the number of designations we already have?

  • A: Our definition of “under-resourced” is broad.  If you have communities that fit the definition and you can demonstrate how they will be identified and recruited, then you fit the criteria of the RFP.

Q: Is there a preference for where respondents are located? Given that work is mostly done virtually right now, does it matter where the advisor is physically located? 

  • A: It is not a requirement to work in the area, but it is believed that organizations with strong ties to an area will be able to tie a cohort together and have more success in the designation process.

Q: Can we include a Regional Organization as one of the local government entities who will be pursuing a SolSmart designation, advised by a program within that Regional Organization? Can the regional organization be one of our local governments if the Regional program is housed within the Regional Organization and not a separate designated organization (financially, non-profit designation, etc.)?

  • A: Yes, it is very much permitted to apply as an advisor and go for designation.


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