Nevada Solar Industry Jobs Grow 146%: Now Ranks 1st in the Country in Solar Jobs Per Capita  

New Data from The Solar Foundation Finds Nevada Added 3500 Solar in 2014

Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 12, 2015 – The Solar Foundation (TSF), an independent nonprofit solar research and education organization, today released its updated State Solar Jobs Map ( The Map, which derives its data in part from The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2014, found that Nevada’s solar industry employed 5,900 Nevadans in 2014 and added 3,500 solar jobs over the previous year. Nevada’s 146% solar industry employment growth allowed it to rise back to 7thth in rankings of highest number of solar jobs by state—and #1 in solar jobs per capita. Solar employment in Nevada grew more than 53 times faster than the state’s average employment growth rate of 2.7 percent in the same period.

“I am proud that Nevada leads the nation in solar jobs and opportunities. Nevada is emerging as a leader in new technology and innovation and this announcement demonstrates the possibilities within our state if we continue to recruit the growing industries of the 21st century,” said Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. “I would like to thank all Nevadans who have embraced the solar industry and thank the many solar companies who saw the opportunity in the Silver State and joined the Nevada family.”

“The opportunities for renewable energy production in Nevada, specifically solar, are limitless and continue to serve as an important engine of economic growth and job creation,” said Senator Dean Heller. “Putting solar energy on the same playing field as other important energy resources is critical to our state’s and our nation’s energy future. No doubt, I am proud to see Nevada playing a leading role in our nation’s pursuit of a 21st century ‘all of the above’ energy strategy.”

“Nevada’s solar jobs growth was the most impressive in the country in 2014,” said Andrea Luecke, President and Executive Director of The Solar Foundation. “146% jobs growth is nearly double the next highest state and Nevada leapfrogged seven other states to claim the #1 slot in jobs per capita.”

The 3,500 solar jobs added in 2014 were the most ever solar jobs added in Nevada in a year and more than doubled total solar employment in the state. Furthermore, this figure represents more solar jobs any state, outside of California, has ever created in a single year.

“Solar jobs are a win-win-win proposition here in Nevada. Solar energy uses our state’s most abundant resource – the sun – and preserves our most precious resource – water – all while creating a new economy and new jobs for Nevada,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.

“Nevada is a great place to do business and it’s a great state for solar. The steps the state has taken to build a vibrant clean energy economy are paying-off with thousands of new jobs for Nevadans. This latest jobs report is just the beginning, in less than two years, SolarCity has gone from zero staff in Nevada to more than 1000–and we’re still hiring,” said Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity.

The National Solar Jobs Census 2014 was conducted by The Solar Foundation and BW Research Partnership with support from The George Washington University. The report, derived from data collected from more than 7,600 U.S. businesses, measured employment growth in the solar industry between November 2013 and November 2014. The margin of error of this data set is +/-2.03%, significantly lower than any similar national industry study.

“The study shows both aggressive hiring and clear optimism among Nevada solar companies,” said Philip Jordan, Vice President at BW Research Partnership. “Of particular interest was the continued high wages among solar installers. Additionally, we found that the U.S. installation sector is generally more diverse than other energy sectors, hiring African-Americans and Latinos at a faster rate than the oil, gas, coal and construction sectors.”

Echoed Assembly Speaker John Hambrick, “solar is changing the way families and businesses across the state can take control of their energy bills—and it’s putting thousands of Nevadans to work. Nevada has both the sun and the workforce to continue to grow the solar industry and create even more jobs.”

The full National Solar Jobs Census report is available at  State-by-state jobs numbers, including a more detailed analysis of the Arizona, California, Maryland and Texas solar markets, as well as The Solar Foundation’s updated State Solar Jobs Map, are available online.


About The Solar Foundation:

The Solar Foundation® (TSF) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to increase understanding of solar energy through strategic research that educates the public and transforms markets. Since 2010, TSF has published its annual National Solar Jobs Census, which established the first credible solar jobs base line for the U.S. The Solar Foundation is considered the nation’s authority on the solar labor force and advises many organizations on the topic. TSF is also a leading provider of educational materials on the economic impacts of solar for local governments through its work with the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition, TSF chairs the National Solar Schools Consortium, a group of stakeholders seeking to make solar a larger part of the national K-12 system. More at


About BW Research Partnership:

BW Research is widely regarded as the national leader in labor market analysis for emerging industries and clean energy technologies. BW Research provides high quality data and keen insight into economic and workforce issues related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, recycling, water, waste, and wastewater management, and other environmental fields. The principals of the firm are committed to providing research and analysis for data-driven decision-making. More at

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