roxie-headshotRoxie Brown is the Program Director of the Solar Training Network. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, the Solar Training Network is a nationwide solar workforce development program designed increase access to solar training and create a steady workforce pipeline to meet the needs of the burgeoning solar industry. As the program lead, Roxie is responsible for program development, member recruitment, solar jobs strategy commission chairing, and overall program success. Before coming to The Solar Foundation, Roxie spent four years working for the Oregon-based American solar manufacturer, SolarWorld, where she managed SolarWorld’s national solar installer network and directed their annual dealer conferences.

Roxie Says: “My passion for solar and renewable energy stems from an early childhood experience that changed my life. The year was 1998, I was in elementary school, and a renewable energy guest speaker came into our class to expound upon all of the benefits of alternative energies. At the end, my hand shot up and I demanded to know why we didn’t use ONLY renewable energy. The speaker’s answer? ‘Because you haven’t grown up and changed the world yet.’ This set my life on the track it’s been on ever since. In high school, I earned a national award for successfully convincing my school district to switch our school buses to biodiesel. In college, I studied international energy relations. The day after I graduated from UC Davis, I started work at America’s largest solar manufacturer. In 2015, I joined the amazing team at The Solar Foundation to continue to follow my passion for solar energy and education. My favorite quote: ‘Energy and persistence conquer all things’ – Benjamin Franklin. My persistence to follow my passion for renewable energy is the common thread that has woven my entire life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”