Our annual National Solar Jobs Census showcases the wide range of occupations that make up America’s 250,271 solar workers. Solar job seekers can get started in a variety of professions, from installation, to sales and marketing, to project management, engineering, and manufacturing — and jobs are available for all levels of education and experience.

Some of the profiles of solar workers captured below depict bright new talent entering the industry, as well as others who have made long careers in diverse positions working to deploy solar energy.

Danae Fleming
Operations Reporting Manager
Sintia Torres
Project Manager
Sol Systems
John MacCallum
Safety Director
Kiss Electric
Monica Scantlen
Senior Recruiter
Jessie Robbins
Director, Structured Finance
Sol Systems
David Li
Assistant Project Manager
Swinerton Renewable Energy
Dan Silver
President, Eco Solutions
Aurora Solar
Software Engineers
Rudy Wright
Marina Shapiro
Chief Financial Officer
Nautilus Solar Energy
Suvi Sharma
President and CEO
Solaria Corp.