AmenyaAvatarRozie Amenya

Occupation: Project Coordinator
Company: Sun Edison
Location: Denver, CO

While preparing to leave the Army, where she served as a Signal Soldier on high-capacity line-of-sight radios, Rozie went through the 8-week course in Project Management and also learned about the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Solar Ready Vets Program,” a 6-week rigorous program run by Solar Energy International. In addition to lectures, lab work, and hands-on work, the course covers the basics of electricity, how solar works, and provides training on rooftop solar systems. Rozie received a certificate from NABCEP (North American Board Certified Energy Practitioners).

Towards the end of the Solar Ready Vets Program, Rozie recalls, the Department of Energy arranged for six large solar companies to come in for interviews. “I sat in hours of interviews with recruiters from these companies,” Rozie said. “I got lucky and got this job!”

Today, Rozie coordinates accounts payable requisitions, invoices, and document management. She also coordinates meetings, payment schedules, and requisitions. Most of her time is spent in an office environment. “I like to get involved with the people who are out there building our projects,” Rozie said. “Whenever I get a chance I go out into the field to see the projects that we are working on, and I get involved.”

Rozie says that every day is a learning opportunity and that the people make a big difference. “Everyone is very intelligent. Some have been working in solar for a very long time and have a lot to share,” she said.

Her advice for jobseekers: “I encourage anyone who is interested to pursue it!” Contact an organization like SEI (Solar Energy International). They work with people who are new to the industry, who have never worked with electricity, and they help them get up to speed to make a smooth transition. “It’s truly amazing!” Rozie said.