Brighter Maryland: A Study on Solar in Maryland Schools

With over 3,700 K-12 schools with solar installations in the United States, The Solar Foundation (TSF) aimed to complete the first comprehensive state report on K-12 solar schools for the state of Maryland.  Entitled Brighter Maryland: A Study on Solar in Maryland Schools, the study presents an overview of Maryland’s K-12 schools, as well as a deep-dive analysis on county- and district-level economic and educational indicators to determine which parts of the state stand to gain the most from the deployment of solar on local schools, identifying 20 counties (out of 24) with significant potential for benefit.

Other key findings include:

  • 1,867 public and private K-12 schools in the state could cost-effectively deploy solar energy systems.
  • These schools could produce electricity valued at $18.3 million per year, equivalent to 421 annual teacher salaries.
  • Five counties – Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s–as well as Baltimore City, can collectively save nearly $30 million over 30 years.

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