The Solar Foundation is an entrepreneurial workplace with ambitious goals and a commitment to achieving lasting impact. We are experts in our fields who are passionate about expanding access to clean, affordable solar energy. We place an emphasis on rigor and quality in everything we do. And we’re not afraid to have some fun in the process.

Staff members hold substantial experience in the areas of solar market transformation, business development, policy analysis, program design, and communications. Learn about career opportunities at The Solar Foundation.

Larry Sherwood
Toyah Barigye
Senior Project Manager
Danny Falk
Project Manager
Ed Gilliland
Ed Gilliland
Senior Director
David Golembeski
Program Manager
Joy Guo
Grants and Contracts Director
Megan Howes
Program Specialist
Loraima Jaramillo-Nieves
Program Manager
Richard Lawrence
Program Director
Andrew Light
Program Manager
Avery Palmer
Avery Palmer
Communications Director
Theresa Perry
Program Director
Carlos Alberto Velázquez López
Program Director

Key Consultants

Andrea Luecke
President and Executive Director 2010-2020

SolSmart Advisors

Our national SolSmart program deploys full-time, experienced Advisors to help local governments open up solar markets. Meet our most recent SolSmart Advisors from 2019 and 2020.

Carrie Hearne
Elizabeth Marshall
Cameran Bailey
Jennifer Barenholtz
Adam Beam
Elizabeth Compitello
Charles Dabah
Ted Flanigan
Jenna Greene
Gary Hearl
Edith Makra
Hoi-Fei Mok
Eric Rehm
Kale Roberts
Brian Ross
David Sarkisian
Anne Tazewell
Leah Thill
Joel Zook