wilder_headshot-1Sarah Wilder, Manager, Product Training, SolarWorld Americas

“I think there’s a very strong need for training in the solar industry. There always has been and there continues to be. Having somebody go through a training definitely proves to employers that this is somebody who cares and has already taken initiative to learn something on their own. It minimizes the burden of having to train these people, because if you think that you can just get hired as an installer and somebody will teach you everything you need to know while you’re on the job, you are very mistaken.”

“Can training help people advance in their careers? Of course. All companies are looking for a crew lead, they’re looking for the project managers, they’re looking for the general operations managers, they’re looking for the good people. So training is what’s going to distinguish you from just some other person that’s trying to learn on the job.”

The Solar Foundation leads the Solar Training Network, a program that connects solar job seekers with training providers and employment opportunities. With your support, The Solar Foundation is bridging the gap between supply and demand in the solar workforce.