stevedepalmer-photoRetired Brigadier General Steve DePalmer

“There are a lot of reasons why experience in the military transfers well to a career in solar. One is teamwork. Putting stuff up on a roof requires teamwork, and there’s a certain dance that goes on when you’re installing these systems, and not everybody’s doing the same job at once. So you have to work together. Another big aspect is safety, which is stressed a lot in the military. In the civilian world, good safety habits translate into healthy workers who can do their job. And in the end, that increases production, decreases costs, and increases efficiency, and it’s good for the company’s bottom line.”

“Although a lot of Solar Ready Vets graduates are young, they’ve been in situations that their counterparts in the civilian world have not had the opportunity to experience. So even if they didn’t come out of the military with a high rank, they have been put in situations where they have witnessed leadership or they’ve had to step forward to provide their own leadership. In my opinion, the potential for them to be given supervisory roles in the solar industry is going to be greater than someone else without military experience.”

The Solar Foundation led Solar Ready Vets, a program that provides quality training and hands-on experience to transitioning military personnel who are within six months of separation. With your support, The Solar Foundation is building a strong and diverse solar workforce.