bcrawford2Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Brian Crawford, Veterans Outreach and Operations Recruiter, Level Solar

“The biggest challenge for transitioning soldiers is translating skills and capabilities from the military sector into a resume, a conversation, and an interview for the civilian job sector. This means ‘taking the combat boots off your resume’ and translating military experience into civilian jobs and skills. Once a military person is in a job, our experience shows that they do great. The military prides itself on its soldiers’ adaptability. Today a soldier might be in Fort Drum, and tomorrow — Afghanistan. You will see 20-year-olds coming out of the military who have been in situations in real life that a civilian will never come close to.”

“I was a member of one of the first graduating classes for Solar Ready Vets. The program had a great balance of both classroom training and hands-on skills. On a typical class day, the first half focused on formal instruction — for example, how to design a solar array — and the second half was hands-on, such as putting panels on the roof. In addition, we learned site design, solar array design, code enforcement, and OSHA safety rules. With the Solar Ready Vets program, I came to Level Solar with a solid foundation for success. I recommend the program to anyone interested in this growing field.”

The Solar Foundation led Solar Ready Vets, a program that provides quality training and hands-on experience to transitioning military personnel who are within six months of separation. With your support, The Solar Foundation is building a strong and diverse solar workforce.