Mike McKechnieMike-McKechnie, President, Mountain View Solar

“We have found, in our market, that there is a lack of trained workforce available.  We train new hires in-house, which is a financial burden on us as the employer; it’s repetitive, and there is employee turnover. That’s where I see the benefit of a program like the Solar Training Network — if we train more people in solar, the industry will grow faster, and it’ll grow in a more responsible way. As an employer, an established workforce training program will save us time and money. We’ll be able to direct job candidates on where to get training, and we’ll be able to provide feedback to the trainers regarding the efficacy of the curriculum.”

The Solar Foundation leads the Solar Training Network, a program that connects solar job seekers with training providers and employment opportunities. With your support, The Solar Foundation is bridging the gap between supply and demand in the solar workforce.