Together, we are creating transformative solutions to achieve a prosperous future in which solar energy is integrated into all aspects of our lives.


U.S. Solar Workers

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States with positive annual employment growth

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About The Solar Foundation

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar and solar-compatible technologies worldwide. We believe that increasing access to this clean, abundant, reliable, and affordable energy source will lift up people’s lives and bring about a prosperous future for all.

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Solar Jobs Census

Our annual Solar Jobs Census tracks the dramatic growth in solar jobs over the past nine years.

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 “The annual Solar Jobs Census report is a great means to showcase industry trends, and we are hopeful the Foundation’s efforts will continue to be transformative in the years to come.”  — Jim Roach, SVP of Retirement Strategies at Natixis Investment Managers

Helping Over 200 Communities Go Solar


Our national SolSmart program is helping cities, counties, and small towns make it faster, easier and more affordable to go solar. Over 250 communities are SolSmart Gold, Silver, or Bronze, a sign that they are “open for solar business.”

Find out how your community can be next!

“SolSmart designations underscore the spirit of collaboration between municipalities and a desire for greater clean energy options.” — Kevin Burns, Mayor of Geneva, Illinois

A More Diverse Solar Workforce

We publish comprehensive research to help solar companies build a diverse and inclusive workforce, with equal opportunities for women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and veterans. The latest data was released in May 2019. Read the report.

“Diversity and inclusion are essential to making the solar industry as accessible as possible. While the industry is working hard toward expanding into all communities, studies like this highlight where the gaps are so we can do a better job on filling them. Over time, we hope that our industry workforce will be as diverse as our world, and studies like this will help us get there.” — Scott Wiater, President and CEO of Standard Solar

Solar Training Network

We’re supporting a strong and diverse solar workforce through the Solar Training Network, a program that helps meet the workforce needs of the solar industry through solar training and strategic employment partnerships. Learn more.

“The National Association of Workforce Boards is proud to support the Solar Training Network as it launches a new and exciting resource that will provide steps for the solar industry to better engage the workforce development system.” — Ron Painter, President and CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

Solar Saves Lives in Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico rebuilds from the devastation after Hurricane Maria, we’re partnering with major humanitarian relief organizations to install solar and storage where it is needed the most. Learn how you can help.

“Times of crisis call for us to reach out and forge alliances to pull resources together and achieve a common goal.” — Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico

American Solar Workforce Development


Visit, a platform for solar employers, career seekers, and trainers to make connections and build a strong and diverse solar workforce. Solar employers can post jobs, review resumes, and interact with promising candidates. You’ll also get the latest workforce development resources to help the solar industry thrive.

Visit the website.

Solar-Powered Schools

Solar panels save schools money on electricity bills so they can spend it on education. Read our report on solar schools across the U.S. and learn how your school can go solar. Learn more.

Partner With Us


You can play an essential role in our research, education, and implementation initiatives to expand the use of solar energy. Learn how your organization can be a collaborative partner to support our upcoming programs.

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