Ready to get your energy from the sun? Through our programs, The Solar Foundation helps advance the use of solar energy worldwide. Whether it’s for your home, business, school, nonprofit, or community building, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

We’ve partnered with a couple great organizations to help you find the solar energy plan that’s right for you.

Get Solar Options With EnergySage

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Looking to install solar panels? EnergySage connects consumers with multiple solar energy quotes and financing options from multiple contractors through an easy-to-read web platform. These options enable consumers to choose the right solar option for them. Just enter your zip code to get started!

Go Solar With EnergySage

Portable Solar With Arcadia Power

For some of us, having our own solar panels just isn’t an option. Arcadia Power provides a way to support solar from remotely located solar panels through a Portable Panel® subscription. Through Arcadia, you can receive savings on your energy bill every month, and you can track your solar production and savings 24/7 online. 

Go Solar With Arcadia Power

Help America Go Solar

Once you pick the right solar option for your home, are you ready to do more? The Solar Foundation’s expert research and technical assistance is helping make solar energy even more affordable and widespread, all across the country. Find out more about our programs  and how you can partner with us to support our work.

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