Laura Sislen is the Office Coordinator for the Solar Foundation. A recent graduate of American University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology, Laura’s research examined the experiences and history of people who use drugs in America, including an ethnographic approach to understanding the roles of social narratives and spatial embodiment in recovery from drug addiction. Her interests lie at the intersections of population health and structural analysis, including how public-private sector partnerships produce ideology and shape health outcomes. Laura was also involved in the organization of a large annual community health conference; her responsibilities included speaker selection and the development of novel workshop formats and topics.

Laura says: “When seeking work post-graduation, I knew I wanted to join a team working to create sustainable, community-level change. I believe humans’ impact on the climate — and vice versa — must be considered through an intersectional lens, including disparities in resource distribution and economic opportunity. I look forward to learning more about the nonprofit world and the ever-growing solar industry, and I’m excited to do so within an organization that values diversity, inclusion, and equitable partnerships.”