Suvi Sharma: President and Chief Executive Officer, Solaria Corp.


At a relatively young age, it became evident to Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma that he was destined to become an entrepreneur. While still a student at Northwestern University, Suvi founded COMPASS, a nonprofit that focused on recruiting and training college students to mentor and teach economically-challenged children in poor Chicago neighborhoods.  Along with his desire to help improve the community, Suvi realized that he liked running things – and was pretty good at it.

In 2003, he joined a solar manufacturing startup in New Mexico called Solaria as CEO and moved the young company to the San Francisco Bay Area. In recent years, Suvi has transformed Solaria into a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar modules and other innovative technologies. Solaria’s goal is to help facilitate solar everywhere — not only on rooftops, but embedded in windows and building envelopes. This emerging category, known as architectural solar, enables structures to become net zero energy buildings. The company manufactures a significant portion of its modules in Silicon Valley, and the balance in Korea.

Sharma says that when he looks for people to hire, it helps for them to have a dash of idealism. “In an employee, I look for someone that is honest with themselves and others, confident but has humility, carries intellectual horsepower and has a passion to make the world a better place. Someone that is willing to work hard and give their profession the best, but don’t take themselves too seriously.”