The solar industry is one of the fastest areas of job growth in America today, offering career opportunities to all education and experience levels. The Solar Foundation leads major initiatives and conducts research to support a strong and diverse solar workforce.

Solar Training Network

The Solar Training Network is a program led by The  Solar Foundation designed to help meet the workforce needs of the solar industry through solar training and strategic employment partnerships. The Solar Training Network is tackling one of the key challenges identified in the annual National Solar Jobs Census, which is the ever-increasing need for skilled solar workers.

The Solar Training Network is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.

Announcing AmericanSolarWorkforce.Org

The Solar Training Network has launched an online solar career platform designed to match job candidates with training and career opportunities in the rapidly growing solar workforce. Solar employers can post jobs, review candidate applications, and communicate with potential hires. Solar career seekers can create profiles, apply for jobs, identify training opportunities, and make connections with solar companies.

This platform also includes the latest workforce development resources to support a highly skilled and diverse solar workforce. We invite all solar employers, career seekers, and training providers to access the platform by creating a free account at

Strategies for Workforce Development: A Toolkit for the Solar Industry

Released in July 2018, this resource provides actionable solutions for industry-led workforce development initiatives. Download our toolkit today to learn how teaming with the public workforce system and starting word-based learning programs can benefit your company, and how to get started.

Solar Training and Hiring Insights 2017

The Solar Training Network released an in-depth report in 2017 showcasing solar industry trends, employer preferences and case studies, the business case for investment in training, a state-by-state index of demand for workforce development, and more. Read the report here.

Solar Ready Vets

In 2016, The Solar Foundation was selected by the Department of Energy to lead Solar Ready Vets®, a national program to connect transitioning military personnel with solar training and employment opportunities. The Solar Foundation and its partners expanded Solar Ready Vets from the pilot stage to a national program. Learn more.

Additional Resources

Solar Career Map. The Interstate Renewable Energy Council Solar Career Map allows instructors, policymakers, and job seeker to explore the broad range of careers available across the entire solar industry.

Financing the Next Generation of Solar Workers. Released in November 2012, Financing the Next Generation of Solar Workers provides a starting point for a new path forward in financing solar workforce training. This marks the culmination of a joint effort between The Solar Foundation, SolarTech, and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), working together under the SolarTech Workforce Innovations Collaborative (SWIC), to conceive of a number of innovative funding mechanisms to provide adequate private-sector funding for workforce training programs.